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Contact / Free Consultation

Feel free to get in touch with us by phone or with oure-mail contact form!
A specialist will get in touch.

Contact / Free Consultation

Site Inspection & Estimate (appraisal for renovations)

After initial correspondence, we will make an appraisal at your convenience and provide you a spot estimate for construction costs.
Afterwards, we will send you an official estimate as soon as it is ready.

Site Inspection & Estimate (appraisal for renovations)

Contract (complete as soon as the estimate is approved)

Thank you for choosing TAKAFUJI! If our estimate is approved, we will move immediately to the next step of the process.
Once arrangements are complete, we will move ahead with the construction plan in accordance with your specifications. Thank you again for choosing us!


Start of Construction

From here, we get to work. Fast, safe, careful! This is our motto and this is how we intend to work for you.

Start of Construction

Upon receiving your approval, we cease construction and consider the project complete.

Construction has been completed without incident! Once the project is declared over, we request you provide a final approval, at your convenience (with witness present).
*If slight modifications are needed or there are any other concerns, please get in touch as soon as possible.

project complete